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Twinktech Marketing International is a marketing management company that provides a variety of products and services to empower small businesses in their marketing efforts.

Twinktech ensures that you will be 100% satisfied with all of our services. Our experts will work hard to turn your business into a local online powerhouse. Don't leave your online presence up to chance. Work with the experts who understand precisely what it takes to get to the top.

"You have done an excellent job. I was very skeptical at first, and wanted to cancel. But you have changed my mind, and made me see the positive in what you have done. Very thankful for all of your help you guys are great."

- Kathy Johnson


"In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive. It feels like your money is going into a void, falling into this computer. Now after 3 months where I see the results kicking in, I'm very pleased with the progress that we've made and glad that I made the right decision."

- Mike Russell


"Today was my best experience working with Twinktech Marketing. When I first signed up, it was a lot of confusion. I think you you have helped me out a lot. You've given me a lot of info as far as how things will turn out. Hopefully, my marketing is straightened out, and all of the wrong and old info is cleaned up. And it was, thanks to you Charles and staff for a job well done."

- Premier Wealth Advisors


"Very satisfactory, prompt. You know what you're doing, and you give good results."

- July Gray


"I have been working with Twinktech marketing for a few months. My business has increased greatly. I used to be booked for a week ahead. Now I am booked a month ahead. At first I was not sure the marketing was helping. I was told to be patient, things would improve. It did improve. I have not been this busy in years."

- Grace Alwise


"I was really concerned about this, because we were having a hard time understanding. But through talking to you today, we understand this a lot better. We appreciate you taking time with us and answering our questions to our satisfaction. We are looking forward to experimenting, trying it on with the information provided to us. There's still a lot of confusion, but will just take practice on our end."

- Mr. & Mrs. Rosen


"Our experience with Vanessa at Twinktech Marketing has been extremely positive and helpful. Especially for those who are not completely updated and informed, knowledgeable with Internet process and such. We feel total confidence in Twinktech, especially handling our account and look forward to lots of additional clients, work and a long relationship thanks to Vanessa. We would highly recommend Twinktech Marketing to anyone. Whether or not they have a good understanding of the Internet, they can be very helpful."

- Wine & Coolers, Mark Smith


"You were very helpful to us providing more of an understanding as to how our site will work. We are hopeful that with your knowledge and honesty that our business will attract new customers! Thank you again, and please don't hesitate to contact us for another review."

- Elaine Brennen, Heron Financial Advisors

Go Straight to the Top with Twinktech!

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social media and business directories

using state of the art technology

and proven marketing methods.

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