If you own numerous online businesses like I do, and you want your business to grow, then you almost certainly need some form of marketing strategy. Marketing, in its most basic sense, is a method of getting people to know about your business products or services. While this definition holds true, you will be shooting yourself in the foot if you embark on a marketing journey armed only with this information.

I like to lump marketing failures into two broad categories -- “bad marketing” and “wrong marketing”. And they are as bad as each other. Imagine making a new product or developing a unique service, then spending time and resources on poorly executed marketing only to see little or nothing in return. Either of the two mentioned categories will do that to you.

You cannot paint all kinds of business with the same marketing brush and expect good conversion rates and market penetration. To choose the right marketing strategy, you need to keep in mind your product/service, your business model and your marketing strategy among other things.

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